Modern cement concrete roads on mountain sections of the "Kamchik" pass

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Currently, the Committee for Roads is carrying out comprehensive work to implement Government programs for the reconstruction and development of international transport corridors of Uzbekistan.  
In particular, on November 21, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a Decision providing for the reconstruction of the experimental section of 173-176 km of the A-373 "Tashkent-Osh" road at the cost of the savings obtained within the Project "Reconstruction of A-373 "Tashkent - Osh" road on the section between 116-190 km section passing the "Kamchik" pass with the participation of the Asian Development Bank".
This will allow to complete the reconstruction of the mountain pass section of the A-373 "Tashkent-Osh" road, leading to uniform technical parameters that meet the international standards.
For this purpose, design estimate documentation has been developed by the Design Institute "Yul-loyiha Byurosi" LLC for construction of the modern cement concrete pavement, bringing the parameters of the road to six lanes (3 lanes in each direction), with an estimated axial load of 13 tons and with the traffic capacity of more than 40 thousand vehicles per day.
Currently, the "Evrascon" contracting company has started large-scale works on the mentioned section, and high-performance equipment, as well as qualified international specialists from Germany and Korea have been engaged to ensure high quality of cement concrete pavement. 
Within the project implementation , the "Evrascon" contracting company plans to dismantle the old experimental pavement and construct a new modern cement concrete pavement using innovative technologies and local materials, which allows high quality of the works and cost savings.
In order to ensure the quality of works performed, construction supervision within the project is carried out by "Sambo Engineering Co., Ltd" (Republic of Korea).
Upon completion of the reconstruction and commissioning of 3 km of the additional section of the A-373 "Tashkent-Osh" road, introduction of the intelligent transport system (ITS) is planned on a total of 100 km of the "Kamchik" pass section, that will allow real-time monitoring and management of the vehicle flow, weather conditions and road safety.
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