"Uzyulkokalamzorlashtirish" unitary enterprise

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"Uzyulkokalamzorlashtirish" unitary enterprise

Shukurov Akbar Safarovich

Day of reception: Friday 1600 - 1700

Tashkent 100000, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Mustakillik avenue, 68

+998 71 231-90-42

Goals and main tasks of the unitary enterprise "Uzyulkokalamzorlashtirish"

    The main purpose of the enterprise
  • landscaping of roads, planting of decorative plantings, accomplishment of landscaping and landscaping of highways on the basis of mutual agreements.
  • The main tasks of the enterprise are::
  • Maintenance of roads along the border of public roads;
  • Development and application of modern architectural and artistic construction of roads and landscape design, advanced and resource-saving technologies of green crops and irrigation;
  • Establishment of decorative plants nurseries specializing in the delivery of decorative plants in the republic, including bringing of new varieties of oriental plants.;
  • involvement of specialized organizations in the works on greening, improvement and proper storage of motor roads;
  • centralized streets of major cities, as well as legal and physical persons for the purpose of providing services on the basis of contractual arrangements for gardening and gardening and other activities not prohibited by law;
  • landscaping of roads, landscaping, accomplishment of artificial landscapes and artificial planting on the basis of mutual agreements;
  • servicing and exploitation of landscaping objects, repairing trees, shrubs, flowers and green plantings and carrying out necessary agricultural work on them;
  • enterprises and organizations on the basis of mutual agreements, landscaping of motorways, planting of decorative plantings, landscaping and landscaping of automobile roads;
  • organization of timely and qualitative work on the cultivation, use and storage of loggers and ornamental plants, the organization of complex pastures, cultivation of green pastures, comprehensive agro-technical measures to combat their pests and diseases, implementation of measures for further planting and improvement of the service area;
  • use of artificial irrigation and fountain systems using modern equipment and technologies;
  • technical and operational support of production, selection of a concrete worker, application of established procedures and methods of payment of work, self-government workers' self-management, as well as compliance with the requirements of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources;
  • Effective use of the enterprise's production capacities, creating the conditions for the improvement of the social life of working groups;
  • wholesale, retail trade;
  • to engage in other activities within the framework of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the purpose of profit.
  • Types of activities that require a license or a specific license will be issued after a license or special authorization has been obtained in the established order.
  • Download the charter (pdf, 4000 kb)

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